Final Finishing

G. FINAL FINISHING: Western Red Cedar is one of the easiest materials to finish. Quality coating systems can be used with confidence for a variety of decorative effects. This is an outstanding advantage of Cedar - it is not limited to one colour treatment.

Quality semi-transparent and solid bodied stains are excellent finishes. They are easy to use, available in wide range of colours and they highlight the texture, natural grain and beauty of Cedar.

Cedar sidings should be protected. They should not be left to weather naturally. This can cause splitting, excessive shrinking , and uneven colouring due to different exposure to the elements. If a weathered appearance is desired a bleaching stain should be used.

Information on all methods of finishing should be obtained from the paint or stain manufacturer or from the dealer.

Siding should be acclimatized to it's surroundings. It is recommended that the siding be pre-primed both on the face and back sides and on the ends.

Download printable PDF version of the Application Instructions.

For further information, view the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association's installation information.