D. LAP: For best results the following recommended laps should be used. Do not exceed the recommended lap as this can result in cupping. Haida Skirl siding should have the maximum lap.

Width Minimum Lap Maximum Lap
12" 1-1/2' 2"
10" 1-1/2" 2"
8" 1-1/2"  
6" 1-1/2"  

The width of Haida Skirl siding varies with the wavey edge. This is part of it’s unique appeal. The 1-1/2"- 2" lap is sufficient for most pieces. There could, however, be the occasional board that is narrower and would require a lap adjustment. Experienced applicators usually set these boards aside for use when ripping is required (for example, the top row of the siding or around windows and doors).

Download printable PDF version of the Application Instructions.

For further information, view the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association's installation information.