C. NAILING: Good nails and nailing practices are a must in the proper application of bevel siding.

Recommended nails are:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum nail - high tensile strength
  • Hot-dipped galvanized nail

* common wire nails and copper nail react with Cedar and should never be used.

For best results use "splitless" siding nails. These have thin shanks and blunt points which reduce splitting.

  1. Nail Shank - a ring threaded or spiral threaded nail shank should be used for proper holding power.
  2. Nail Point - use a blunt medium diamond or blunt medium needle point.
  3. Nail Size - For 7/8'' and 15/16'' thick siding applied over normal wood sheathing a 10 d splitters siding nail is recommended - For 11/16'' and 3/4'' thick siding use 8 d siding nails
  4. Nail Penetration & Spacing - The recommended nail penetration into solid wood base is 1-1/2". Bevel siding should be nailed to studs at 24'' o.c. with solid sheathing and 16" o.c. maximum when applied without sheathing. All butt joints should be mitred and nailed on the stud. Do not double nail siding at the joint. Use one nail only.
  5. Never Nail Through Two Pieces of Siding - Wood is a natural cellular material. It will expand and contract as it takes on or loses moisture. It is essential that the siding be nailed correctly to allow for this natural movement. Nailing should be snug but not tight. The recommended procedure is for the nail to be driven through the butt edge of the overlapping siding a minimum of 1/8" above the thin edge of the underlying piece. The nail should be kept as close as possible to 1/8" above and should never exceed 1/4" above the thin edge of the underlying piece. Never nail through 2 pieces or courses of siding. This will not allow the siding to expand and contract freely and will result in splitting and cracking. See diagram #2.

Diagram #1

Diagram #2

Download printable PDF version of the Application Instructions.

For further information, view the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association's installation information.