Real Cedar vs. Composites

Real Cedar vs. Composites

Haida Bevel Brochure

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Our Bevel siding radiates prestige. It is a rustic straight edge bevel siding made from the same selected Western Red Cedar as Skirl wavy edge siding. Permi-fused for tight knot protection, our Bevel siding is kiln dried to an average moisture content of 14% to ensure maximum stability in all climates.

Special Features

  • Sawn textured, fine grained old growth to accentuate the natural beauty inherent in Western Red Cedar.
  • High percentage of heartwood for added durability.
  • 100% tight-knot or permi-fused.
  • Extra thickness gives a deeper shadow line emphasizing and enhancing the edge.
  • All Haida sidings are bundled and end-capped. Application instructions are printed on the end-caps.
  • Western Red Cedar is one of the easiest materials to finish. Quality coating systems can be used with confidence for a variety of decorative effects. This is an outstanding advantage of real wood cedar siding - it is not limited to one colour or one treatment.


  • Moisture Content - Kiln dried to 14% average moisture content to ensure maximum stability after application.
  • Lengths - 3 - 20 odd & even. Maximum 10 to 12% 3' - 5'. Minimum 70% 8' and longer.
  • Sizes available
    • 11/16 x 8
    • 7/8 x 8
    • 15/16 x 12
    • 11/16 x 10
    • 15/16 x 10

Download and read the Environmental Product Declaration.