Cedar Siding Manufacturing

Cedar Siding Manufacturing

Cedar Siding ManufacturingHaida Forest Products manufactures over 100 patterns and products of Western Red Cedar. These range from straight edge and wavy edge Bevel Sidings, T.&G. panelings, Clear S4S and S1S2E Boards to outdoor wood Appearance Grade Posts, Poles and Timbers.

Our products include:

  • Skirl Wavy Edge Siding
  • Bevel Straight Edge Siding
  • Clear Bevel Sidings-4"to 12" widths
  • Clear T.&G. Paneling
  • Select Knotty T.&G. Paneling
  • S4S and S1S2E Clear Finish Boards
  • Log Cabin Siding
  • 11/4" S1S2E Fascia and Corner Boards-KD
  • Clear Radius Edge Decking
  • Architect Knotty Radius Edge Decking
  • Appearance Grade Architect Clear and Knotty Posts and Timbers

Haida Forest Products has been producing the highest quality Western Red Cedar products for over 6 decades. Be sure to specify "Haida" brand for proven dependable performance, unmatched beauty and superior environmental credentials that composites and other man-made products cannot match.

Download and read the Environmental Product Declaration.