The Haida Story

"Oh the cedar tree... if mankind in his infancy had prayed for the perfect substance for all material and aesthetic needs, an indulgent God could have provided nothing better." - Bill Reid

"Haida" is derived from the name Haida Gwaii. The Haida Gwaii people were among the earliest residents of the British Columbia coastal region. The Haida Gwaii nation revered the Cedar tree as “the tree of life”. Their canoes, made from a single Western Red Cedar log, measured up to 50 feet in length and could carry a crew of forty. Shelter, clothing and medicines were all obtained from the timber, roots and bark of the cedar tree. Today, Haida art is internationally recognized and admired as carved cedar masks, totem poles and other cultural artifacts are displayed in galleries and museums worldwide.

Out of respect for these magnificent people and their reverence for Western Red Cedar, Haida Forest Products Ltd. has adopted this time honoured name to identify the company and the premium cedar products that we manufacture.